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The Founder


Thank you for the opportunity of a more formal introduction. My name is Mark A. Ankner, CEO and founder of the services firm known as Hospitality Reupholstery. As a third generation in the commercial upholstery industry, I assure that our company is dedicated to the finest quality work. In our proud history we have reupholstered all styles of furniture and furnishings from the lobby to the presidential suites. Our experience includes total renovation packages for the hospitality industry including wall and floor coverings, window treatments, awnings and sunshades, furniture and fixtures, beds and bedding, carpentry services, product installations, our experienced interior design services, as well as wholesale textiles. Our experience and dedicated workforce in the hospitality renovations industry is a key to our success. We understand the special needs of hoteliers. The entire firm believes in “low-impact” to your hotel’s environment and operations. We make every effort to minimize interferences with your day-to day activities and we maintain a courteous demeanor toward your guests.

Customer Service

Hospitality Renovations is a total renovations service.  We complete projects professionally and develop lasting relationships with our customers.  We operate our business everyday based on a very simple principle:  hotels need to be maintained and updated periodically, and the hotel staff cannot do it all.  Our entire organization is designed to work with hotel management to properly maintain the integrity of a hotel (asset).  We would like to help with any maintenance projects that need to be, or could be, outsourced by your hotel.
Our firm has years of experience in the hotel renovation industry. We specialize in select services; however, we have the expertise available through our network to cover all fields in the industry for any projects that need to be completed. Over the years, our network of other service companies in the industry has grown to span the world over.

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